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Board Walk :22 November 2017
22.11.2017; Event

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Work 2.0 Africa

Work 2.0 Africa aims to get people to thrive at work. This is a multiple inter-related conference and exhibition dedicated to the changing nature of work and the technologies that are transforming the workplace.

Work 2.0 Africa is a place where innovation and expertise is showcased, solutions are found and learning is done. In the premium business conferences, delegates from the corporate sector will hear what Africa’s most innovative companies are doing to attract, retain and develop their staff, resulting in improved productivity.


For more information, visit www.terrapinn.com/workafrica or contact Tanja on +27 11 516 4019




What are we doing?

Business Engage is an exciting and inventive organisation at the forefront of srategic thinking on gender mainstreaming in the private sector.

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Gender Mainstreaming Awards : 7 Sept 2017

Get rewarded for your Gender Diversity Initiatives. ENTER NOW, there is no charge to enter.
Open to all private sector companies and goverment departments that have started, on the troad with or succseed in gender diversity programmes.




30% Club Southern Africa

The 30% Club is a group of Chairmen, CEOs and senior partners of organisations internationally that are committed to bringing more women onto boards because they believe it’s good for the overall effectiveness of the boardroom – and therefore good for business.   Focus is also placed on the executive pipeline to create sustainable change.


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About Us

Business Engage is an exciting and inventive South African based organisation at the forefront of strategic thinking on gender mainstreaming in the private sector. The aim of Business Engage is to enable individuals (both men and women) and companies to maximise their growth and profits through its diverse offerings that include networking, mentorship, training, collaboration, entrepreneurship development and support.